Sales Prep

Trainer preparing young yearling horse for sale Staff preparing a horse for sale Man performing horse sales prep

Young horses are stabled throughout the duration of the preparation, being exercised daily. The amount of exercise increases as their fitness level improves. Most yearlings benefit from a combination of paddock time to burn off some energy and hand walking. The Equiciser can be used to help condition the horse, but it is important to establish a working relationship between the grooms and the horse in order to have a horse that will show well in the ring. That is why a big part of preparation includes hand walking the horses.

Horses are given the opportunity to graze and are fed in the morning and afternoon. Along with grooming, the proper supplements and feed are crucial to maintain health, muscle tone and good coat color and texture. Each yearling throughout the preparation is groomed thoroughly. The way your horse looks is a reflection of his health and can make the difference in having a sales topper. Team Mercury is well versed in 2-year-olds in training sales prep as well, having scored a “sales topper” at the sales. A key element in showcasing 2-year-olds is to develop their talents without pushing beyond their maturity. Recognizing horses with nice movement, a willingness and an efficient way of going, rewards the seller with a good prices and the buyer with a horse to race for many seasons.

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