Trainer breaking horse on race track staff breaking a horse horse breaking in stall

Whether you have a home-bred or a yearling purchase, you can rely on Mercury Equine Center to break and train your horse. Young horses need a patient but firm hand to be properly introduced into the training regime and allow them to gain confidence and eliminate trauma often associated with breaking. The Mercury Team at our facility has many years of experience in the handling of yearlings.

Many yearlings benefit by being saddle broke and trained for a 30 to 60 day time period and then being turned out. This method allows the yearling to become accustomed to being handled, groomed, bathed and ridden while at a young age. This time off allows them to mature mentally and physically. When these horses get back into serious training as two year olds, they have the foundation needed to begin the physical and mental process of fulfilling their capabilities as runners.
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